Class <<CodeList>> LinearDirectedCode

"directed" (indicates that the orientation is directed)
"directed down" (indicates that the linear orientation is directed below the horizon)
"directed up" (indicates that the linear orientation is directed above the horizon)

This list is an indicative example list only of terms used to describe the values to use for terms related to directedness of linear orientations. Users are encouraged to use a vocabulary of terms managed by the CGI vocabularies working group outside of this model.

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asDictionary true Values: true | false
Default: true
Description: Encode code list as externally managed dictionary (applies to ISO 19136:2007 encoding rule). Always true in INSPIRE.
xsdEncodingRule iso19136_2007 Values: iso19136_2007 | iso19139_2007 | iso19136_2007_INSPIRE_Extensions
Default: iso19136_2007
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