GML Application Schema - Package Overview

Package Name Package Description
CGI_Utilities A package of utility elements, including definitions of text and numeric value types, and specialist value types for geological structural measurements and geologic age values.

The GeoSciML "CGI_Value" model provides a generic way of encoding "literal" values, both textual and numeric, which have uncertainty and may be a range. These structures are designed to be able to capture value descriptions as conventionally recorded by geologists.

The Value structures are for when you need
1. a qualifier,
2. to be able to use either single values or ranges, or
3. to express uncertainty on numeric values
4. use numbers or words as alternatives for a single value or in a mixed range

e.g. "usually X", "greater than Y" where X and Y are either a quatity (number with a scale) or a term (word from a vocabulary) or a range constructed from measures and terms.

"CGI_GeometricDescriptions" allow describing the planar or linear orientation of a geologic feature. Allows specifying direction by DirectionVector (eg Dip/Dip Direction), compass point (NE), description ("toward fold hinge", "below')

These values are usually obtained as the result of an observation. The description of the associated observation event will provide more detail about the observation method, result quality, etc

"CGI_NumericAgeRange" allows the description of geological ages expressed as numbers of years before 1950