Package GeoSciML/GeoSciML-Core/GeologicFeature

The GeoSciML GeologicFeature package contains the root Feature classes MappedFeature and GeologicFeature.

GeologicFeature represents a conceptual feature that is hypothesized to exist coherently in the world. Specializated geologic features are contained in other packages.

Class Summary

<<FeatureType>> Classes
The abstract GeologicFeature class represents a conceptual feature that is hypothesized to exist coherently in the world.
* this corresponds with a "legend item" from a traditional geologic map
* while the bounding coordinates of a Geologic Feature may be described, its shape is not.

The implemented Geologic Feature instance acts as the "description package"

* the description package is classified according to its purpose as an Instance, TypicalNorm, or DefiningNorm.
A MappedFeature is part of a geological interpretation.
It provides a link between a notional feature (description package) and one spatial representation of it, or part of it. (Exposures, Surface Traces and Intercepts, etc)
* the specific bounded occurrence, such as an outcrop or map polygon
* the Mapped Feature carries a geometry or shape
- the association with a Geologic Feature (legend item) provides specification of all the other descriptors
- the association with a Sampling Feature provides the context and dimensionality

A Mapped Feature is always associated with some sampling feature - e.g. a mapping surface, a section, a Borehole (see BoreHolesAndObservation) etc. As noted on the diagram, if the associated sampling feature is a Borehole, then the shape associated with the MappedFeature will usually be either a point or an interval. This reconciles the 2-D ("map", section) and 1-D (borehole, traverse) viewpoints in a common abstraction.
<<CodeList>> Classes
Codes used for the specification of the intended purpose/level of abstraction for a given feature or object instance, ie the reason for the existence of the GeologicFeature.
Values: instance, typicalNorm, definingNorm.

Tagged Values

Tag Value Notes
xsdDocument geologicFeature.xsd Description: Name of an XML Schema document to create representing the content of this package
xsdEncodingRule iso19136_2007 Values: iso19136_2007 | iso19139_2007 | iso19136_2007_INSPIRE_Extensions
Default: iso19136_2007
Description: XML Schema encoding rule to apply

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