Package GeoSciML/Collection

The GeoSciML Collection package contains facade classes that facilitate the structuring of WFS response documents and other application uses.

Class Summary

<<FeatureType>> Classes
A collection container for items to be bundled in WFS response documents and other applications. FeatureType stereotype allows this to be a FeatureMember in a WFS_FeatureCollection.
<<Union>> Classes
GSMLitem is a union class that specifies the types of features that are allowed to be members of the GSML class, and therefore, members of a GML Collection.

Tagged Values

Tag Value Notes
gmlProfileSchema #NOTES#Description: URL of the schema location of a GML profile (optional) Description: URL of the schema location of a GML profile (optional)
owner IUGS Commission for the Management and Application of Geoscience Information
targetNamespace Default: FIXME
Description: Target XML namespace of the application schema
version 3.0.0 Default: FIXME
Description: Current version of the application schema
xmlns gsmlc Default: FIXME
Description: Namespace prefix to be used as short form of the target namespace
xsdDocument collection.xsd Default: FIXME
Description: Name of an XML Schema document to create representing the content of this package
xsdEncodingRule iso19136_2007_INSPIRE_Extensions Values: iso19136_2007 | iso19139_2007 | iso19136_2007_INSPIRE_Extensions
Default: iso19136_2007
Description: XML Schema encoding rule to apply

UML Diagram: Context Diagram: GSML

UML Diagram

UML Diagram: Collection package dependencies

UML Diagram