GeoSciML and GeoSciML-Portrayal

new GeoSciML version 4.0 is released!

with updated cookbooks for creating web services

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GeoSciML - current version 4.0

GeoSciML version 4.0 is a data transfer standard for geological data - from basic map data up to complex relational geological databases.

GeoSciML v4.0 will be submitted as an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) specification in 2016.


GeoSciML-Portrayal is a now included as an application schema within the GeoSciML v 4.0 family. GeoSciML-Portrayal delivers a flat (denormalised) view of just a small core of the full GeoSciML model. It can be used to standardise delivery of geological map data via Web Map Services (WMS) and simple features Web Feature Services (WFS SF0).

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